Magda M. (06/21/2019):

”Monika triggered the ‘wow’ effect, basically I didn’t learn the shocking news about myself, but this truth is shocking for me! All the facts are correct. Oh man, I really am this way! I really behave like this! These situations really took place! Strange, I never told anyone about it …

I now know what to work intensively with, which gives me energy and abundance. Yes, I am really good at it! I was just pushing it somewhere into the back of my priorities; I was running after something that didn’t really give me joy and fulfillment. It was such eyes opening after a deep sleep. The information was laid out clearly, structurally; all new issues were thoroughly explained. I know the direction where to reach my abundance, balance in health, relationships and money. I know, it won’t be easy, I have a lot of work to do, but one that makes sense. Thank you Monika! ”(translated from Polish)

Patrycja MP (10/24/2019):

“Meeting and working with Monika is an amazing experience. I am grateful for this time full of wisdom, respect and understanding. Each conversation brought a lot of knowledge and tools to open and accept myself. I understood how much I am responsible for my life. I create, set a goal, and set an intention.

No one else! If I take care of myself and go my own way, the whole universe favors me.

I experience the flow of energy, love and splendor! I feel joy because I want to!

The most important thing is to act from the heart, see and feel without judging. Everything matters and happens in the right place at the right time. The flow of energy that Monika has set in me is a fuel for change, for activities that I implement and beautifully see how I develop and what favors me and where I agreed not to be myself. The feeling that I see a goal, solutions, not difficulties and obstacles is great. A whole new quality of life.

If you want to wake up from lethargy and stand on your side, there is nothing to wait for!

Thank you Monika!”(translated from Polish)

Sebastian M. (10/03/2019):

“Over 7 months have passed since Monika’s reading of my Akashic Records, and based on my experience to date, I can confirm that what I learned about myself is a fact. And I stubbornly tried to deny this fact for years. I may have gained valuable experience, but I was wading through the fog and not necessarily in harmony with my nature, losing a lot of energy.

Imagine someone talking about obvious things, about you and who you are, what’s more, this is the very point, but it intrigues you at the same time, because you didn’t share this obvious information with anyone before. Hmm ..

It was for me something like discovering a map of myself, which allows me to strengthen the properties of what I do, or give a new direction in my life, sometimes revolutionary.

For me, readings were an igniter for the “new”. I have changed a lot in my life; I will not lie if I call this metamorphosis a revolution. I started using my energy centers consciously, and this is just the beginning on my way to the goal of balance in relationships, health and finances. Stephen Covey wrote that “if you are climbing a ladder, make sure it is leaning against the right wall.” This quote accurately describes the sense of Akashic Records reading. Monika did it perfectly. I would recommend!” (translated from polish)

Anonymously (07/04/2019):

“I recently got a reading and felt very comfortable and in good hands in this situation. During the reading she explained everything to me in a very detailed and understandable way so that I could understand everything. I would use this concept again and again and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about his/her life. Just try it out! “(translated from German)

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