Soul Harmony


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Delivery Time: ca. 2-5 workdays

One of the most life-transforming sessions. During this reading you will learn:

– what talents and gifts you have at the soul level and how this shows up in your life
– what is the main theme of this incarnation
– what is the level of consciousness at the soul level and how it applies in your daily life
– how many personal spiritual guides you have, whether they serve you and how to ask them for their support
– from which soul group your soul comes, and what light and shadow sides it brings
– what negative energetic patterns and blockages have accumulated through incarnations in your Soul Blueprint, how they affect your current life and how to work through them
– which areas of your life demand your attention first

Before I can access the information stored in the Records, you need to set 2-3 intentions, i.e. what exactly you want to achieve or change in the next 3-6 months. You can share these intentions with me or keep them to yourself. Your intentions give the access only to information that you are currently able to understand and work with, neither more nor less. I won’t be able to see anything more. You will receive detailed instructions on how to set intentions after purchasing a session. You also get a meditation that will allow you to aligned with your Akashic Records.

To open your Akashic Records, I need the following information:

– Your current name
– Your name at birth
– Date of birth
– Place of birth

This is very confidential data and will be stored in this way in accordance with the Data Protection in EU. If you want these data to be removed from the database after reading, please contact me after the session. By purchasing a session, you give me your permission to access your Akashic Records for reading.

The session usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. It may happen that it will last longer, but certainly not shorter. I don’t charge extra for longer sessions, the value you get is much more important. The price of the reading includes: my preparation, session and preparation of homework for you.

– you have tried many different ways to improve your life and so far the effects are unsatisfactory
– you have had enough of hanging around, waiting for a miracle and finally want to take your life into your own hands
– you want to cut off from the past, which until now was not as great as you planned and you want to find out what new you can do to finally change it
then I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Do not buy the session, do not waste your time and mine if:

– you just want to satisfy your curiosity
– you don’t want to change anything in your life, because either you have already changed a lot or you are fine as it is now
– you think that everything will sort of work out anyway, and you don’t have to do anything in this direction. Unfortunately, changes will not happen in your life just like so, you must start within yourself, by taking NEW and DIFFERRENT actions than before
– you don’t believe that in this way you can still experience something new and better.

Remember – nothing will happen without your help.

The Records reading session does not replace medical or psychological advice.  Send an email to contact@soul-manufacture.com

Sessions are held via Skype, Zoom (audio connection) or a telephone conference line to which you have access from many countries around the world. In all these cases, sessions are recorded – if it’s Skype, you have 30 days to download the recording file, if you decide to use Zoom or the conference line, you’ll receive a link to download the file.


One of the most life-transforming sessions. During this reading you will learn about your talents and gifts at the soul level, how you can use them in your daily life and how much you apply them in your life at the moment. Based on your set intentions, you will get an information which negative energetic patterns from this and past lives block you to fulfill your purpose at the moment.  Also, you will learn which areas of your life demand your attention first. For this you will get suggestions how you could change. Only new actions, different then before, can help you to change the negative patterns and allow you to take your life back.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email.



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