Soul Harmony and Manifesting Strategy – Bundle


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At first we start with the Soul Harmony session. Detailed information about this, you can find here.

For more information about the Manifesting Strategy you can check here.

Soul Harmony session allows you to get back onto your path. In the beginning you will learn among others what talents and gifts at the soul level you have, what is your life purpose and how much you are aligned with your potential. In the second part we will concentrate on your negative karmic patterns, how they show up in your life and how to change them. You will get clear instructions in which life area you should start making changes.

Before this session you need to set 2-3 intentions what exactly you want to change or achieve during next 3-6 months. You will also get an opening meditation to align with the vibration of your Akashic Records.

This session last 60-90 minutes.

To open your Akashic Records, I need the following information:

– Your current name
– Your name at birth
– Date of birth
– Place of birth

This is very confidential data and will be stored in this way in accordance with the Data Protection in EU. By purchasing a session, you give me your permission to access your Akashic Records for reading.

Minimum 3 months after Soul Harmony session, the Manifesting Strategy session can be conducted. For this session you need to set 1 very precise intention. We will work on it together, during a short call I will lead you through this process. Afterwards you prepare a list of actions you decide to take to achieve your goal. This list you need to send me latest 2 days before the session. During the session we will have a look whether those actions will bring you to your goal or whether some corrections or additional actions are necessary. You will also learn about your unique manifesting process. this knowledge you will be able to apply any time you want to change something in your life as this pattern never changes.

This session usually lasts between 90 and 120 minutes. The price of reading includes: call for setting your intention, my preparation and session.

Sessions are held via Skype (audio connection) or a telephone conference line to which you have access from many countries around the world. In both cases, sessions are recorded – if it’s Skype, you have 30 days to download the recording file, if you decide to use the conference line, you’ll receive a link to download the file.

Remember – nothing will happen without your help and action.

The reading sessions do not replace medical or psychological advice.  If you have any questions please send an email to contact@soul-manufacture.com

By ordering the bundle you are able to save 85,- Euro.


Soul Harmony session will get you back on your path. You will learn who you are at the soul level. Also what karmic patterns are blocking you to fulfill your dreams and how to get rid of them.

Manifesting Strategy is your unique, personal road-sign showing you how you can get from point A to point B in your life. During this session you will learn everything about your own manifesting pattern and how to apply it your life whenever you need it.

By purchasing the bundle you save 15%.


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