Manifesting Strategy


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We are creators of our own lives. What happens to us in our life is the result of our choices and actions that we make every single day, every moment of our existence. If these actions are in line with our potential, then we get positive results such as abundance, joy, fulfillment, etc. However, if we take actions that are incompatible with us, then we create a negative experience such as lack, pain, misery, struggle, etc.

The Manifesting Strategy is your unique road-sign, which will show you how to experience and take from your own life everything you want without looking back.

Who is this reading for:
– for customers after Soul Harmony session, who are fed up with spinning around and want to finally reach their goal in a direct way.

During this reading you will learn:
– what is your unique manifestation pattern
– what you have to do to achieve what you want for yourself
– in which area of ​​your life you should start making changes first

For this session, you set one precise intention, what exactly you want to achieve or change in the next 3-6 months. First, we will work on setting your intention during a short call, so there is no need for you to panic. I will lead you through this process. Afterwards you prepare your plan of actions and send it to me before the session. During the session, I will be able to tell you, whether your planed actions will bring you to your goal or whether some corrections or additional actions are necessary.

To open your Akashic Records, I need the following information:

– Your current name
– Your name at birth
– Date of birth
– Place of birth

Please, send me this data only after receiving an e-mail confirming your session with me. This is very confidential data and will be stored in this way in accordance with the Data Protection in EU. By purchasing a session, you give me your permission to access your Akashic Records for reading.

The session usually lasts between 90 and 120 minutes. The price of reading includes: call for setting your intention, my preparation and session.

The reading session does not replace any medical or psychological advice.

Sessions are held via Skype (audio connection) or a telephone conference line to which you have access from many countries around the world. In both cases, sessions are recorded – if it’s Skype, you have 30 days to download the recording file; if you decide to use the conference line, you’ll receive a link to download the file.

If you have any questions, please send me an email: contact@soul-manufacture.com


During Manifesting Strategy session you will learn what your unique manifesting pattern is and how to apply it in your daily life to achieve your goals. After setting one precise intention, we will work together on your action plan for next months. You will also learn which actions will bring you closer to your target and which ones you better should avoid.


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