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Description: Chakras are energy centers located in the body along the spine axis. There are seven main chakras, but you can find information about more of them. They are responsible for the proper flow of the energy through our physical, mental and emotional body and are part of the energy system that is in and around our body. Each chakra is responsible for a different area of ​​our body, and their function is to collect vital force energy and distribute it to these areas. Incorrect energy distribution, or disruption of the chakras, may eventually lead to disorders or diseases in the physical body. The reasons of these disorders are living in disharmony with us. It could be: improper nutrition, neglecting of the body, stress, lack of rest, bad relationships, no borders in contacts with others, life incompatible with one’s own potential, etc.

By using the wisdom contained in Akashic Records, it is possible to check how energy is distributed in chakras at a given moment and get information on where the energy flow disturbances (if any) are. This allows to determine what actions could improve the energy flow. This process can be supported by, for example, surrounding yourself with objects in the color of a disturbed chakra, listening to music with appropriate frequency, using essential oils, meditation or appropriate exercises.

Chakras harmony is an energy analysis at the physical, mental and emotional levels in eight chakras – seven main and one additional located a few centimeters above the head, i.e. outside the physical body. You can read more about each of these chakras on the blog (link).

For chakra analysis, I use insight into your Akashic Records, so the following data will be needed to access them:
– Your intention, i.e. what you want to change or achieve in the next 3 months – applies only to you, not to other people
– Your current full name
– Your full name at birth
– Date of birth
– Place of birth

Send this data to me only after you receive an e-mail confirming the purchase of the product. This is very confidential data and will be stored in this way in accordance with the Data Protection in EU. If you want these data to be removed from the database after analysis, please contact me via email. By purchasing the product, you give me your permission to access your Akashic Records for the analysis.

As a result of the chakra analysis, you will receive in written:
– a table with the energy distribution in individual chakras at the physical, mental and emotional level
– a brief description of the problematic chakras, i.e. what influenced the  chakra’s under or over activity
– information which essential oils can help balance energy in these chakras
– in which life areas you could start making changes first

Remember – any change in your life will not happen without your help.

Chakra analysis is not a substitute for medical or psychological advice.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via the contact form.


Chakras Harmony is a detailed analysis of the energy in your chakras on a physical, mental and emotional level. You will learn which chakras are blocked, where is too little or too much energy, and how you can change this by making changes to one or two areas of your life.


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