My Story

Welcome to my company’s website. My name is Monika Konarzycka-Bessler and I am the founder and owner of Soul Manufacture GmbH.

I became interested in creating cosmetics while I studied chemical technology at the Warsaw University of Technology – it was such a pleasant, fragrant chemistry, you can mix something, add fragrance and a nice product is created that can be used immediately. Interested in this field, I finished post-graduate studies in cosmetic chemistry. I even wanted to do my PhD and do research in this field, but some of my friends told me that cosmetic chemistry is not really a science and it would be a pity to waste my intelligence and talents for “stupid cosmetics”. I thought it through and as a result I went to Germany to work on my PhD in biotechnology field.

Then I got married, gave birth to two children and … I hid in the shadow of my husband, because his career was more important and he brought money home. The breakthrough came when I turned 40 and I came to the conclusion that I did not achieve anything in my life; that no one needed a PhD to raise children and it was about time to finally move forward. I found a job at a university research institute, returned to the lab. 

After half a year of daily duties: taking children to school, going to work, picking up children, and then taking them every day from Monday to Friday for extra classes, my overall condition became worse and I ended up in a hospital. During these three days of staying there, I realized that I took too much on my shoulders, and I did not care at that time how my husband and children were doing without me – I focused only on myself. I returned to work, slowed down a bit, but my health continued to deteriorate – in 6 weeks I lost 6 kilos, I could not sleep, I had problems with breathing, panic attacks, my throat swelled after eating, my stomach hurt. The doctors did not know what was wrong with me, my friends looked at me and I saw in their eyes “She will not survive long”. My chiropractor helped me to regain the strength, but after some time the symptoms returned. 

After a few months, I discovered that I was poisoning myself in the lab while preparing some important experiments. Unfortunately, hardly any doctor believed me, even though the symptoms spoke for themselves …

Later, we moved to a new place, I started a new job, this time in a quality management field, and then in regulatory. Even then I knew that it was not my dream work, that I would prefer to be my own boss and do what I liked, but I had no business idea. It came later and I have been trying to implement it for 2 years. I wanted to start it right away while I still worked for another company unfortunately I did not have enough time and strength. Due to the level of stress at work and further health problems, I decided to resign, take responsibility in my own hands and start my own company – either now or never. After all, I was always into cosmetics. 🙂

My other side, besides the scientific, technical one, is related to spirituality. Raised in a Catholic home, when I was a teenager, I was looking for something more, I was interested in “life after life” topics. And somehow deep in myself I knew that we do not live only once, because it would be very unfair, and God is not mean. At that time I still went to church, on pilgrimages, tried to find myself in this way. At the same time, I was interested in astrology, numerology, fortune-telling. Over time, everything has evolved and since 2017 I have been working very hard on myself, as well as exploring various directions of spiritual practices. The biggest breakthrough came in March 2018 after the reading session of Akashic Records. It was so transformative, so cleansing that now I divide my life into the one before and the one after reading.

In the end of 2018, my intuition pushed me to start learning Akashic Records reading and with this knowledge to support others on their path of transformation. I have finished the highest level of Soul Realignment reading courses so far, I have helped a dozen of people change their lives for the better and I know that this is just the beginning. As a freelancer, I offer different types of sessions. For more details I invite you to visit here

On the path to discover Spirituality, I met and profited from the wisdom of many women:

  • Bärbel Klein helped me to clean my aura
  • from Sylwia Kocoń, I learned  how to attract money to my life and how to recognize the needs of my heart
  • Paulina Miechurska, who became my friend over time, gave me the biggest kick for further changes and development. She is the one that read my Akashic Records
  • Afterwards I worked with Magda Glistak on healing my Feminine side
  • Bethany Webster showed me how to heal my Mother Wound
  • Emmeline Chang helped me to focus on starting my business
  • How to read Akashic Records, I have learned from Andrea Hess. My journey with her is not yet over
  • Sylwia Sikorska and Honorata Lubiszewska taught me how to promote myself and took care of my marketing strategy
  • and Joanna Grabska helped me to energetically clear up those areas that were still inquiring my attention. Her clairvoyance abilities are amazing.

Knowledge about cosmetics and raw materials used for their production pushes me to offer valuable products. I address my offer mainly to women over 40, but also younger clients and men will find something for themselves.

Knowledge about Spirituality, especially the one I gained from the wisdom of Akashic Records, helps me looking at people without judging them or wanting to change them for “better”. I will post on those topics more in my blog, and I invite you already now to visit it here.

In my work, I combine these two areas. How it works together, you can find out by using the product “Chakras Harmony”. I can also program my products with the special intention. Just let me know if you wish to have it. If you are only interested in cosmetics, I invite you to visit our Shop; you will find there something for yourself and slowly our offer will be expanding. If you want to use my knowledge of Akashic Records readings and finally take life in your own hands without looking back, please visit the Sessions here. As you can see, my offer is very diverse and I believe that everyone will find something for themselves.


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