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Welcome to the Soul Manufacture blog, you are just reading our very first post. My name is Monika Konarzycka-Bessler and I am the founder and owner of this company. Before we will get to the point, a few words about me. I am a chemist by profession, got my PhD degree in biotechnology, I have completed postgraduate studies in cosmetic chemistry and at the moment I am still developing in this field, gaining my knowledge in the natural cosmetics field. You can read my story in the ‘My story’ tab (link).

My company and blog was created because of market needs – for some time I have been observing what is happening in the production and sale segment of natural cosmetics and, frankly, not everything what I see there, makes me optimistic. A lot of companies offering this type of products have been created in the world, unfortunately, some of these companies lack basic knowledge about raw materials, processes or legal procedures regarding their marketability. How do I know that? From observing discussions on various discussion or mastermind groups on Facebook, from questions asked by some participants or people who already have had their first attempts to create their own cosmetics in their own kitchen.

My company and this blog was also created out of my needs – I want to make consumers conscious, transfer knowledge based on FACTS not on opinions or emotions, dispel myths spread on the Internet and offer high quality products. You will find information about raw materials used in natural cosmetics, as well as about controversial raw materials such as silicones, preservatives, titanium dioxide and others. I will also write about my own products.

There is also a lack of information on the full composition of cosmetics offered, often also in online stores selling these cosmetics. Nowadays, this may be due to their ignorance towards the consumer or, on the other hand may indicate hiding information about the raw materials used to manufacture products. Not providing this information is a big mistake of producers or stores and this may cost them the loss of customer trust. Consumer consciousness developed so much that these customers will look for other ways to buy products, not necessarily the same, but certainly somewhere else. Therefore, one of the first information in the descriptions of our products is the full INCI composition.

On my blog you will also find entries related to spirituality. This is the other side of me, without which I would not be here in this place of my life, which means that now you would not be reading this text. Already as a teenager, I was interested in the life after life topics, over time my interests developed in the direction of astrology, card reading, numerology, personal horoscopes. Some time ago I discovered more methods e.g. listening to the needs of the heart, how to get advices from the Higher Self, and mindfulness meditations. Since February 2019 I have been offering Akashic Records readings according to the Soul Realignment method. This technique has an incredible transformational impact on life. I experienced this kind of reading myself in March 2018 and have been following my path ever since. The reading session allowed me to believe stronger in myself, confirmed my knowledge about me, the knowledge that I had previously gained step by step. It opened perspectives I could only dream of before. Yes, my life is definitely divided into two parts now – one before and one after the session. If you want to learn more about what Akashic Records are, you can check here (link) or what sessions I offer, please check here (link). About once a month, you’ll also find blog entries on spiritual development.

Therefore, this blog is directed to you, dear Reader, to show you that life is not only black and white, but consists of incredibly many colors; to support you in transforming the quality of your life for the better; to inspire you for trying something new; to encourage you to stepping outside of your comfort zone; to draw your attention to what products you use daily and to help you with the buying decision. 

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Thank you very much for your time you have spent reading this post and I invite you to visit my blog more often.

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