Groundbreaking decisions

There are times in the life of every human being when we need to make difficult decisions that affect our future life. This happened to me at the end of 2018. At that time, I led a small team of women that were locked in a conflict. My boss, despite my requests and indisputable arguments that we do not have a sufficient number of employees, took on new tasks for us from other departments. My conversations with the HR department on these matters did not bring any results and my health started to fail again. Then I was faced with a dilemma –should I stay in the company or finally follow my dream and found my own. After all, my job provided me with a steady income and financial security for the future.

Then I thought back to the moment when I was 25, I had just started my PhD at the Polytechnic, and the scholarship was not enough to move out and I continued to live with my parents and my brother in a 2-room apartment. I didn’t see any perspective for a quick cord cut. In addition, the relationship with my mother was difficult and sometimes we had arguments. Because, even though I was an adult, I still felt controlled like a child.

When during one argument I shouted:

“Don’t worry, I’ll be moving out soon” – I didn’t know how close I was to the truth. A few weeks later I found out about the possibility of going to Germany to do my PhD.

Should I not take the opportunity to live on my terms? Have space on my own? To complete a PhD under supervision of a known professor? But, I don’t know the language!

I made the decision quickly, I finalized official matters issues within 2 months, and after 3 I was seating at the small table in my room, looking at the beautiful sunset and I thought: no one has to tell me when to start the laundry, that I have a mess in my room, what I need to eat and when to be back. It was FREEDOM.

Today you are reading this story because I made some groundbreaking decisions in difficult moments of my life. Today I don’t have a boss telling me what to do.  Over a year ago I founded my company, I finally have my dream laboratory and I manufacture natural cosmetics. My first products have recently entered the German market, and more are already planned.

And my relationship with my mother? It has never been better…

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