Everything Is Energy

I think that in our times already many people understand it or at least heard about it. Our third dimensional existence is not only about our physical body. When we come/ incarnate on earth, we also have thoughts (mental body), feelings /emotions (emotional body), spirit and soul. All of these energies come together to make something very special, very unique – US. Yes, WE are made from all of these.

There is also something which is called energy system and it is very well described as chakras system. There are seven chakras that are connected to our physical body. If the energy flows through them without any disturbance, we stay in a good shape and health. This energy flow depends on our actions and the results of those actions.

If we do something that has a positive influence on us, what is in congruence with our potential then the energy flow is intact. But when we act against us, against our talents, potential, then this flow is disturbed. Repeating the same negative patterns in our lives can lead to health, financial or relationship problems.

To change the pattern we need to start making NEW actions DIFFERENT than before. Doing the same things all over again will bring us the results that we know already. An easy example: imagine you have a habit of eating chips late at night while watching TV. Every single day. One day you walk up the stairs and you realize that your condition definitely changed for worst and somehow your body feels different. You step on a scale and can see that your ideal weight somehow shifted in a direction that is not acceptable by you. Well, sitting and watching TV habit will still lead to next negative changes for your body and your health. But if you would start changing this habit into something different then other results would appear. First of all, you could stop eating the chips so late. Then, to change your condition, you could start doing some sport – already regular walking every day would have a great impact on your body. And if you could add some regular exercising 2-3 times per week, even for 10-15 minutes, the positive results would come quicker. All of what I described here is scientifically and medically proven. People know about it, people have similar issues in their lives but not some many of them are disciplined to implement the changes in their lives.

The health problems that occur in our physical body start much earlier. First we think about something we would like to do. Or we feel we should do it. If this is something negative for us usually we get a signal from inside that the action would be made against our will. But we ignore it and convince ourselves that it is ok. If similar situations repeat themselves and we don’t do anything to stop it soon we can end up in very inconvenient circumstances. I will give you an example from my own life. Few years ago I decided to register my children for additional after school activities. Every single day I brought them to different courses: soccer, dancing, polish, judo. Some of them took place more than once per week so I was really quite busy. I also went back to work taking a part time job. Months passed by and I was getting tired. I completely forgot about my needs, I put them aside, ignored them. At the end of the school year after a bigger event, my body refused to cooperate and I had to go to a hospital. I stayed there for three days. I took this time to rethink my situation. I did not think about my family, I did not care at this moment how they are, whether they eat ok, dress ok, feel ok. I was at this moment the most important person in my life. I realized that all the energy I put somewhere else. This energy was gone and did not bring me anything good. It also did not bring my children anything good. From this moment I knew that first of all I need to take care of myself. If my “accumulator” is empty I will not be able to live myself and I will not be able to be there for my children. So learning number one: whatever you do take care that your energy level is high enough to fulfill the task. Learning number two: if your energy level is too low, do not try to support others, first refill your energy. You can do it by eating regularly proper food, by resting and not pushing yourself to do more and more until going over your limit, by recognizing what YOUR needs are, by nurturing your inner child, by spending time for your hobbies etc.

Our thoughts and emotions can also influence our physical body.  To think about or to feel something once should not make any difference. But when we constantly put our attention into something, we will end up building our life around this something. Here a very simple example. Imagine you met somebody nice, went for the first date, you exchanged the telephone numbers and…. Nothing. Silence. You check your phone every few minutes, your messages, maybe even emails. Your body is all the time on the alert, in tension, and every single time when your phone rings your adrenaline level goes dramatically up. I think you know exactly what I am talking about ;). Well, situations like this will not make a drastic influence on your body, at least not for long, but the energy will be different. You will lose a lot of it on waiting. And thinking. And checking. And controlling. Your chakras will not be in balance. Your life also not.

The good news is there are some ways to test your energy level. One of it can be chakra analysis that will show you how the energy is distributed in your body. If there is some disturbance, chakras will not be balanced – either it will be too little or too much energy cumulated. We call it under- or overactivity. The analysis can show you where the problems are and what could cause them.

We can support the process of healing by using some techniques e.g. wearing clothes in special colors, listening to the music with special frequencies, meditate, practice yoga, using special scents in our environment or on our body etc.

Essential oils can be also used for this purpose. With this post I start the series about chakras and which essential oils could be used to accelerate the balancing process for each one. Stay tuned. 🙂

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