Akasha Chroniken - Die Bibliothek unserer Existenz

Akashic Records

Akashic Records are the so-called energetic library of the fifth dimension of our existence. There is collected information about each soul – from its creation, through all incarnations, as well as possible future paths of our development. Imagine that everyone has their own book there, where it is written about all our choices we made and the consequences associated with these choices without any judgments. So there is information about our karma – the positive and negative one.

It is often the case that we try to change something in our lives, want to achieve something new, but despite our efforts, we fail completely. There can be many reasons, from an energetic point of view it may be:

  • choices that are incompatible with our potential
  • negative energy blocks accumulated through incarnations and not resolved so far
  • putting needs of others before our owns

Each soul is made of appropriate energetic qualities. Incarnating in the physical world, these qualities translate into our talents and our potential, which we can use to experience our life. The more we identify with these gifts, the more we draw from these energies, the more abundance and positive karma we generate. However, when our choices are contrary to who we are at the soul level, then the consequences of these choices create negative karma. It is recorded in our Records in the form of negative blocks and restrictions. They may lead to our potential not being fully used. In these cases, insight into the Akashic Records helps a lot to find out what limits our existence. The information we obtain at that time allows us to precisely track these blockades, as well as to understand which of our past and present choices do not allow us to move forward. With this knowledge, we can completely transform our lives in a fairly short time.

Each of us has access to own Akashic Records, but not everyone knows how to connect to this dimension and how to read and use the knowledge contained therein about ourselves. Session with spiritual practitioner can help here. Remember that nobody can just look into your Records without your permission, this knowledge is protected. However, you can intentionally request the practitioner to check this information. During the session, you will learn exactly as much as you will need to change your life, neither more nor less. It will be only as much as you can understand and work with within the next few months. But remember that nothing will happen just like so, and by doing exactly the same things as before, you’ll continue to create the same reality. Only new actions, other than before, will give you new results. Whether their consequences will be positive or negative depends on your choices.

If you are interested in using the reading session of Akashic Records transforming your life, I invite you to the “Soul Manufacture Sessions”. I’m sure you’ll find there something for yourself.

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